Tuesday, July 14


This is the first time I felt afraid to face the future. When I arrived here I saw many students and their parents were busy to carry out their things to the college. I was placed at Kolej Mawar...

First day..
Nothing much to tell about my first day here..I was so lucky because I got the same room with Ikha. We were from the same matriculation college. My roomate and I were busy to arrange our things nicely in the room. The room was quite small compared to our former college..

Second day..
All students were ask to go to Dewan Sri Budiman (DSB) for registration. That place was quite far from our college, so we need to take a bus.. At the evening, we went to UiTM Stadium. There was a Senam Seni Malaysia programme.
All of students were very shocked because our Prime Minister were suddenly arrived...He joined our activities there..My friends and I took this opportunity to take a picture with him..

Orientation week - Minggu Mesra Siswa (MMS)
Our orientation week starts today. I thougt it must be tired and bored but it was totally wrong. This week was full of enjoy.
The activities were so cool.. I had met many new friends. We were guide by our senior here and I love them because they were so kind to us.. Thanks PM sis!
I will not forgot the moment tha
t was one of our PM brother cried in front of us. He told us that he was the final year student. He was so sad to leave this place..This place brougt many memories to him.. Oh, so sweet...
One of the coolest moment in this week that I were really enjoyed was on the last day programme..The new students and senior had a cheer fighting..We must fight each other by voice out our cheers..It were very funny to hear all the silly cheer..We were
continue fighting until one of the group had no idea already..Then,the other group would be the winner.

emm...That was all about my first week at here...I am very enjoy and will remember all the moment..My next steps were very important. I am promised myself to be the best here..
Live Life To The Fullest!:)